Garden State Wine Growers Association
P.O. Box 386
Cream Ridge, NJ 08514

Request for Proposal:
Executive Director

Issue Date:        10/1/2015
Due Date:        11/15/2015

I. Overview
II. Organization Information
III. Position Overview
IV. Applicant Request for Proposal (RFP) Reception
V. Applicant Information
VI. Report To
VII. Status
VIII. Scope of Work
IX. RFP Schedule
X. Qualifications
XI. Job Location
XII. Selection
XIII. Send Proposals To

This applicant will contract with the Garden State Wine Growers Association (GSWGA) to
administratively implement the strategic goals and objectives of the organization, support the
Association Membership as well as enable the Board to fulfill its governance function. To
provide direct resources and guidance toward the achievement of the organization’s philosophy,
mission, strategy, and its annual goals and objectives. For more detailed information see the
Scope of Work section below.

The GSWGA is an award-winning nonprofit organization aimed at supporting and promoting the
New Jersey wine making and growing industry. The GSWGA is an industry trade association
established as an advocate for New Jersey’s wine grape growers, providing leadership on
research and education programs, public policies, sustainable farming practices and trade policy
to enhance the New Jersey wine grape growing business and communities.

The vision of the GSWGA is to identify an applicant with skills to support enological, viticulture
and economic research to develop sustainable business practices for wine grape growing and
wine making within New Jersey. The GSWGA provides New Jersey’s wineries and grape
growers, representing their interests before the legislative, administrative and regulatory
branches of the Federal, State and regional governments. The GSWGA additionally seeks for
the applicant to apply for grants, identify sponsorships and sourcing of donations for research
and education within the wine industry and develop and implement marketing and sales
opportunities for Association members. This position requires creation and implementation of
comprehensive GSWGA marketing plan and public relations program.

By responding to this RFP the applicant agrees to be responsible for fully understanding the
requirements of the RFP and will ask any questions to make sure that understanding is gained.
The GSWGA reserves the right to reject any or all responses to the RFP, to advertise for new
responses, or to accept any RFP response deemed to be in the best interests of the GSWGA.
Acceptance of any RFP should not be construed as a contract nor shall indicate any commitment
on the part of the GSWGA for any future action. The RFP does not commit the GSWGA to pay
for any costs incurred in the submission of a response to this RFP or for any cost incurred prior
to the execution of a final contract.

i. All applicants must submit the following information:
ii. Name and Overview: Name and number of employees.
iii. Services: Description of services offered.iv. Customer and Event References: List of similar events in the scope and industry.
v. Submit a Power Point presentation concisely demonstrating the applicants proposed
capabilities in managing, leading, and organizing the GSWGA. This presentation should
be saved on a labeled USB drive.
vi. Corporate experience.

The applicant will report to the GSWGA Board and work directly with persons or entities
directed by the GSWGA Board.

The Executive Director Contract is a calendar year Agreement from January 1, 2016 to
December 31, 2016, with two (2) one year options at the discretion of the GSWGA.

i. The Executive Director is responsible for administratively guiding the GSWGA and its
Members in support of its charter and by laws.
ii. The Executive Director maintains an active and continuous communication and
consultation with the Board of Directors to assure consonance of goals, purposes, and
iii. The Executive Director oversees the planning and execution of Board meetings,
Member meeting and committee meetings.
iv. The Executive Director is an enthusiastic leader and a committed consensus builder,
suggesting innovative programs and activities for the consideration of the Board and
Members and administratively implementing those approved.
v. The Executive Director supports operation and administration of the Association by
advising and informing Board members, interfacing between Board and general
members, and supporting Board’s fiscal initiatives.
vi. The Executive Director coordinates, facilitates and implements Committee decisions,
marketing initiatives, GSWGA brand promotion, festival operations, and contracted
services in support of GSWGA activities.
vii. The Executive Director coordinates, facilitates and implements daily communication
with Association Members, contractors, State and Federal agencies and other persons
associated with GSWGA.
viii. The Executive Director assists in the coordination, facilitation and implementation of
annual strategic planning and budget for the GSWGA, garnering support for that plan
from the Finance Committee and the Board; facilitating accounting practices and activity
ix. The Executive Director will prepare and monitor the annual/monthly budgets,
researching, writing and monitoring grant proposals, and draft yearly program
evaluations to manage record keeping, publications and Association statistics reporting.
x. The Executive Director is required to coordinate checks, notes, drafts, and demands for
money on behalf of the Association with as required by the Association by-laws.
Coordinate all expenditures with the approval of the Board.
xi. The Executive Director is required to travel in order to execute programs, develop
support, and maintain the cohesiveness of the Board and members of the Association.
The position has required in-person appointments as designated by the Board of Directors
and may require activities throughout the State of New Jersey.
xii. The Executive Director ensures optimal and efficient use of fiscal resources and
provides monthly expense reports to the Board for review and approval.
xiii. The Executive Director coordinates a clear understanding of constituents’ research,
marketing and educational needs, assuring focused communications, and promoting the
value of the organization to the industry and the public.
xiv. The Executive Director liaises with other promotional, advocacy, research, and
educational organizations that serve the wine industry in New Jersey, regionally,
nationally, and occasionally internationally.
xv. The Executive Director shall develop and implement sustainable marketing campaigns
to promote the events of the GSWGA, increase traffic to wineries and promote brand
preference of New Jersey Wines.
xvi. The Executive Director participates in public relations, education and outreach
programs; implements creative strategies to increase association followers and expand
public awareness of the New Jersey wine industry’s agri-toursim value.
xvii. The Executive Director has an affinity for working with a culturally and politically
diverse Association membership. Have the ability to navigate seamlessly within the
agricultural, business, and governmental communities.
xviii. The Executive Director facilitates the development and implementation of creative
marketing and promotions programs for New Jersey wines and the execution of GSWGA
festivals and educational events.
xix. The Executive Director actively serves GSWGA members by gaining a clear
understanding of their operational needs, providing focused communications for
promoting the value of the association to the members, and facilitating recruitment and
preservation of membership.
xx. The Executive Director is a consultant who creates an organizational culture of
continual interaction with all members of New Jersey’s wine industry. The position
requires effective and enthusiastic professional who supports the industry.
xxi. The Executive Director facilitates Board oversight of Association contractor’s by
reporting to the Board monthly performance measures and compliance with contracted
xxii. The Executive Director will create and sell sponsorship programs to generate
Association revenue. Sponsorship sales will provide commission for the Executive
Director Compensation Schedule.
xxiii. The Executive Director is a contractual relationship, who is selected and awarded the
contract through an interview and proposal process overseen by the Board.
xxiv. The Executive Director does not supervise any employees.
xxv. Fee schedule options proposed must include all line items covered to comprehensively
coordinate and execute responsibilities referenced above.

This schedule is bases on our current guidelines but is subject to change:
i. October 1, 2015: RFP Delivered
ii. November 15, 2015: RFP Close Date
iii. November 30, 2015: Complete RFP Evaluations
iv. December 9, 2015: Top three finalist present to GSWGA
v. December 15, 2015: Award Contract with start date of January 1, 2016

i. Corporate Background: Must be a valid Corporation, licensed to conduct business within
the State of New Jersey.
ii. Experience: Appropriate experience in all aspects of organizing, leading, and managing
iii. Experience coordinating with volunteer Committee(s).
iv. Experience managing organizational budgets.
v. Excellent organization and project management skills.
vi. Energetic, innovative, and creative planner.
vii. Problem solver and results oriented.
viii. Able to work well under pressure of event deadlines.
ix. Ability to prioritize tasks in a fast paced environment.
x. Experience with marketing plans and public relation programs.

XI. JOB LOCATION: GSWGA office is located in Cream Ridge, NJ. Performance of this
Agreement requires attendance at various locations throughout New Jersey.

i. Experience and reputation within the field.
ii. Knowledge of the GSWGA subject matter addressed within the RFP.
iii. Availability to accommodate the required needs of the GSWGA.
iv. Cost of services provided.
v. Other factors to be in the best interest of the GSWGA.

Responses must be sealed and clearly marked with the following: “RFP Response – Executive
Director.” Submit one (1) original, five (5) copies and one electronic copy in a PDF version.
Submittals must be received no later than 5:00 pm on January 1, 2016, and should be delivered
Ms. Laurin Dorman, Vice Chair
80 Old York Rd, Ringoes, NJ 08551

Proposal submittals can also be sent electronically via email to GSWGAhiring@gmail.com no
later than 5:00 pm on November 15, 2015.