Passport to Discovery

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Murphy unveils new efforts to promote New Jersey wine

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Planet Money Podcast: New Jersey Wine

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Top Restaurants in Philly Share a Love of New Jersey Wine

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Cape May Winery Pairs Tapas & Wine

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New Jersey winery’s renovation project should keep patrons happy

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NJ Winegrowers Say Road Signage Prohibitions are Keeping Them Hidden

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State looks for ways to boost burgeoning agritourism industry

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Do Too Few Know About New Jersey’s Great Farms, Wineries & Breweries?

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Barrel Trail Weekend, July 14-15

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New Jersey Wines becoming global contenders

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Hunterdon Wineries Staging Many Summer Events

By Al Warr, Hunterdon County Democrat | July 4, 2018

New Jersey wine and summertime

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Winemaking is good for New Jersey and other lessons I learned

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Summer events at NJ wineries

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Four NJ Wineries Collaborate on Open Source Chardonnay

By Robin Shreeves, Courier Post | June 8, 2018

Optimistic Outlook for NJ Wines

By Andy Clurfeld, New Jersey | June 4, 2018

Hosting an event? You might try a winery, thanks to NJ law

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New Jersey wineries to visit this summer

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NJ Wine Festivals You Won’t Want to Miss This Summer

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Grape Expectations: Bills Would Boost NJ’s Wine Industry

By Meg Baker, WCBS-TV |May 9, 2016

Food Notes: Mom Might Like Special Events at Wineries

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Red, White or Rose: Assembly Bills to Help Build NJ Wine Industry

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Farmyards, vineyards, byways and waterways: Welcome to Salem County

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Bills Presented to Public to Assist NJ’s Wine Industry

By SNJ Today | May 3, 2018

Wine Scenes from the Garden State Culinary Awards

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Working Dog Winery Makes Case for NJ’s Place in Wine World

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Mother’s Day Wine Trail weekend

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10 of the Best Small Town Wineries in NJ You’ll Want to Explore

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New Jersey Wine Landscape Gaining Ground

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How New Jersey is Producing Some of the Best Wines in the East

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US Ambassador to Japan Enjoys NJ Wine at FoodEx in Japan

By Japan Times, | March 7, 2018

New Jersey Wines Gain Respect

By Terri Allan, Market Watch Magazine | February 21, 2018

Raise a glass to Jersey’s wine industry

By Joe Cutter, NJ 101.5 | January 29, 2018

NJ wine production and economic impact up since 2011, study reports

By Gabrielle Saulsberry, NJ Biz | January 25, 2018

NJ Wine Biz aging well: Production up 73% since 2011 study says

By Jessica Remo, | January 25, 2018

South Jersey Wineries win big at San Francisco Competition

By Press of AC | January 26, 2018

GSWGA Press Release ON Economic Impact Study | January 24, 2018 Read More 

GSWGA Economic Impact Study | January 24, 2018 Read More 

Four Rutgers Alumns operate four NJ wineries

By Morning Ag Reports | January 23, 2018 Read More 

This Winter, Experience A NJ-Style Port 

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What’s Happening at NJ Wineries this Winter

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5 Sparkling Wines that will Uplift Any Occassion

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My 2018 NJ Wine Wishes

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12 Gorgeous New Jersey Wines you must drink now

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New Jersey has story to tell world about it’s wines

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Unionville Vineyards comes off singular best year

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The Most Unique & Unconventional Wedding Venues in New Jersey 

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Historic Montague Farm, soon to be animal sactuary, selling winery items

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Sharing the holiday spirit with tasting, tours of award-winning NJ wineries

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NJDA to Celebrate NJ Wine Iindustry

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At NJ Vineyards, the trend is BYOP: Bring your own pets

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Sharrott Winery breaks ground on expanded tasting room

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Jersey Wine is no longer a joke

BY TJ Foderaro, Inside Jersey | November 1, 2017 Read More 

GSWGA Holds Inaugural Event in Jersey City

By Kristen Keller, | October 26, 2017 Read More 

Help Grow NJ’s Wine Community at these Fall Events

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A Vinferous Sisterhood of Women Winemakers

By Tara Nurin, NJ Monthly |October issue of New Jersey Monthy Read More

NJ Wineries: Nor Cal fires are devastating blow to industry

By Marci Rubin, News 12 NJ | October 11, 2017 Read More 

A Season to wine: Grape harvest underway

By Kate Moen, New Jersey Herald | October 4, 2017 Read More 

Strong Demand for NJ Grapes from Supply-Challenged Winemakers

By Harold Brubaker, | October 2, 2017 Read More 

William Heritage Bubbly Snags a First for New Jersey

By Andrea Clurfeld, NJ Monthly | September 18, 2017 Read More

Don’t Miss the Harvest Season at NJ Wineries

By Robin Shreeves, Courier Post | September 15, 2017 Read More 

New Jersey Winery Receives 90 Point Rating From Robert Parker’s Wine Advocate

By Wine Industry Insider | September 7, 2017 Read More

Grape Picking Time Celebrations About to Begin

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Savor the Fall with a NJ Wine Tour

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Welcome to Autumn Lake Winery & Traminette

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After the Harvest Wine & Food Event presented by Provident Bank to Headline Culinary Arts Institute

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How NJ Wine Became Big Business

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New Jersey Wine in Pursuit of Excellence

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Tuesday Night Event at Rutgers Gives Access to East Coast Wines

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6 Exceptional South Jersey Wineries

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Ever Wanted to Start Your Own Vineyard? Welcome to wine camp

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Cheers to a Jersey Shore Winery

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Raise a Glass to this NJ Course of Study

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Bunghole, what? Learning from Barrel Tasting

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For European-style wines, look no further than New Jersey

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Plagido’s Winery Named Winery of the Year

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What Makes Plagido’s Winery the NJ Winery of the Year?

By Robin Shreeve, Courier Post | June 9, 2017 Read More

Travel: No need for Napa. Check out these 5 NJ Wineries

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Taking A Stand For New Jersey Wines

By Andrea Clurfeld, New Jersey Monthly | June 5, 2017 Read More

Outer Coastal Plain has Arrived

By Carlo DeVito, East Coast Wineries | June 2, 2017 Read More

Plagido’s keeps it’s crown as New Jersey’s best winery

By Paul Vigna, | May 31, 2017 Read More  

Plagido’s Winery Wins Winery of the Year for 2nd Consecutive Year

By Wine Industry Advisor | May 30, 2017 Read More

Fine Wine Industry in New Jersey likened to California’s

By NJTV | May 29, 2017 Read More

Four Wineries in One Cape May day trip

By Paul Vigna, | May 25, 2017 Read More 

Garden State Wine Growers Association At the Vineyard Show Debuts with Profile of  Four Sisters Winery

By Wine Industry Network | May 24, 2017 Read More 

Four wineries, 32 wines and a tasting to help ‘accelerate the maturity of the industry’

By Paul Vigna, | May 20, 2017 Read More  

Bill Requiring EDA to Establish Loan Program for Vineyards, Wineries Capital Expenses Passes

By Cape May County Herald | May 19, 2017 Read More

Palmaris Pinot Noir 2014 – Tomasello Raises the Bar For East Coast Pinot Noir (NJ)

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A Sparkler from New Jersey steals the show at East Coast Winemakers event

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Best ways to celebrate Mother’s Day

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Spirit of NJ: Head to Beneduce Vineyards for local wine with a view

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Why You Should Pay Attention to the Garden State Wine Growers Association

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Wines for Easter, Hop to It

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One Question to ask at Every NJ Restaurant

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Jersey Wines are Coming Up Gold

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Forget Green Beer, St. Patrick’s Day Pairs Well with Wine

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Does New Jersey Make the Best Wines

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Beverage Industry and Tourism

By Comcast Newsmakers | March, 2017 Read More 

A Wine Passport Can Pay Off For More Than Just Wine

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Valentine’s Day a fine time for New Jersey wines

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Sweet Romance: Wine & Chocolate get together for Valentine’s Day

By Kristen Coppock, Burlington County Times | February 9, 2017 Read More 

Dry town gets uncorked

By Sinead Cummings,| February 8, 2017 Read More

Local wines hit gold in biggest competition for Americans

By Craig LaBan, | January 25, 2017 Read More

A wine bar in a mall? NJ Winery pops cork on hot spot

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New Jersey Wines 101: Exploring Varietals in the Garden State

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13 Reasons to Visit SJ Wineries this Winter

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Local Winery Named One of America’s Best

By | December 22, 2016 Read More

Terhune Orchards Adds Wine Barn

By Anthony Bellano, | December 20, 2016 Read More

How good can regional Cab Franc be? Working Dog Winery offers one clue

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Wine Cocktails for Your Holiday Celebrations

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Agritourism boom coming to Cape May County

By Jacqueline Urgo, | November 28, 2016 Read More

Post holiday, wind your way through N.J. wine trail

By Meg Fry, NJ Biz |November 23, 2016 Read More 

Why the Drought Will Make for Great NJ Wine

By Matt Gray, | November 18, 2016 Read More 

Agriculture Secretary Tours Laurita Winery

By Tri-Town News |November 18, 2016 Read More 

Ag Secretary Visits Laurita Winery

By | November 17, 2016 Read More 

Milford House is Celebrating Jersey Wines this Week

By Community Bulletin,  | November 17, 2016 Read More

Garden State Wine Growers Holiday Weekend, Nov. 25-27

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NJ Wine making is Going Strong

By NJ 101.5 | November 14, 2016 Read More

Unionville Vineyards Earns Spot on List of Top Vineyards

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New Jersey Wine Week Commemorated Nov. 14-21

By Wine Industry Insider | November 10, 2016 Read More 

Celebrate Jersey Wine Week

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Why 2016 was a surprisingly good year for South Jersey wineries

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How Current Wine Trends are Playing Out in NJ

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New Radio Show Celebrates NJ Wine

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Explore Great Wine Destinations in NJ, PA and NY

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Going from Grape to Glass at Willow Creek Winery

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GSWGA Launches Weekly Radio Show

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Indulge in Cape May Wine & Food Experience

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New Jersey Wine Industry Deserves More Respect

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OPINION: NJ wine industry boosting agritourism

By Michele Byers, New Jersey Conservation Foundation, | September 26, 2016 Read More

Savor the Fall with a New Jersey Winery Tour

By Marina Kennedy, TapInto Travels |September 25, 2016 Read More

Jersey Fresh Grand Harvest comes to Morristown

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NJ Wine: What’s Next for NJ Wine?

By Michele Thomas, | September 20, 2016 Read More

Preview: Jersey Fresh Grand Harvest Wine Festival

By Marina Kennedy, Broadway World | September 20, 2016 Read More

White Horse Winery a labor of love for father and son

By Michelle Brunetti Post, Press of AC | September 8, 2016 – Read More

Baby don’t fear the screw cap

By Robin Shreeves, Courier Post | September 8, 2016 – Read More 

Around Ocean County, Interview with Tom Cosentino, Garden State Wine Growers

By Lisa Anderson, WJRZ | August 21 – Part 1 Read More

Part 2 – Read More 

Growing the Garden State

By Christina Paciolla, SouthJerseyBiz | August – Read More

Get to know your wine country

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Wine, music fest at Allentown Horse Park

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At Jersey wineries, it’s all about the blends

By Katrina Rossos, | August 18, 2016 Read More

Why Winegrowers are Thriving in the Garden State

WNYC Leonard Lopate Show | August 12, 2016 Read More

Wine & Music Experience Benefits Standardbred Retirement Foundation

NJ Advance Media | August 12, 2016 Read More 

Wine Festivals give you a taste of the region

By Robin Shreeves, Courier Post | August 11, 2016 Read More 

New Jersey’s Prize Winning Wines and Wineries

Life & Living with Joanna Gagis | August 7 2016 August Read More

New Jersey’s signed on to the rosé revolution

By Robin Shreeve, Courier Post| August 4, 2016 Read More

Wine and Music Experience

By | August 1, 2016 Read More 

Hammonton Winery Named State Winery of the Year

By Vincent Jackson, Press of AC | July 29, 2016 Read More 

New Jersey Shores Up It’s Rising Wine Status

By Lettie Teague, Wall Street Journal | July 25, 2016 Read More

Garden State Wine Growers to Hold Annual Barrel Trail Weekend

By | July 13, 2016 Read More 

Barrel Trail Weekend

By NJ Monthly | Weekend Buzz July 13, 2016 Read More 

Garden State Wine Growers Association Hosts Barrel Trail Weekend

By | July 12, 2016 Read More

Wine, solar industries find their common ground

By Meg Fry, NJ Biz | July 11, 2016 Read More

Sensory Gardens

By Patricia Kutza | July 1, 2016 Read More

Barrel Trail Weekend

By My | July 1, 2016 Read More 

Garden State Wine Growers Association to Hold Barrel Trail Weekend July 16-17

By Wine Industry Network Advisor | June 30, 2016 Read More 

How Wine is Tasted, created, celebrated in South Jersey

By Vincent Jackson, Press of AC | June 14, 2016 Read More

Gardener State: June is JerseyWine Time – Reds, whites and blues

By Nicolas Polanin, Rutgers New Jersey Agricultural Station, | June 8, 2016 Read More 

Chillin at the Wine and BBQ Experience

New Jersey Barbeque | June 6, 2016 Read More

Plagido’s Wins Top Award

Courier Post | June 1, 2016 Read More 

Plagido’s Winery Wins Winery of the Year

Wine Industry Insider | May 31, 2016 Read More

NJ Wine Competition Winners

GSWGA Press Release | May 31, 2016 Read More

Wine and Barbeque a Perfect Pair at Garden State Wine Growers

Jessica Remo, NJ Advance Media | May 29, 2016 Read More

Five Things to do in Morris County Memorial Day Weekend

Daily Record | May 26, 2016 Read More

Wine Festival Coming to Schooley’s Mountain Park

New Jersey Hills, | May 20, 2016 Read More 

New Program Brings Solar to NJ Rooftops | Read More 

Wine & BBQ Experience on Memorial Day

Veronique Deblois, Food and Wine Chickie | May 12, 2016 Read More 

Garden State Grows Solar

Wine Industry Insider |May 12, 2016 Read More 

NJ Wine Grows Solar

Press Release by Direct Energy Solar | May 11, 2016 Read More

Garden State Wine Festival Pours into Schooley’s Mountain Park

By Jason Kostenblatt, | May 11, 2016 Read More

Vintners Discover Their Terroir in Cape May

By Jason Grant, New York Times | May 8, 2016 Read More

Wine Trail Perfect for Mother’s Day

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23 Ways to Celebrate Mother’s Day in Central Jersey

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Yes, New Jersey Makes Wine and It’s Good

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Top Mother’s Day Gifts for Food and Wine Lovers

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Eastern Winemakers See Potential for Premium Terroir Wines

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GSWGA Puts Moms in Spotlight

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Mother’s Day Wine Trail Weekend

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New Jersey’s Wine Industry – Comcast Newsmakers

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8 Great New Jersey Wineries

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Wine Trail Weekend

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Wine & Chocolate Weekend

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Wine & Chocolate Wine Trail Weekend

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Think Outside the Glass this Valentine’s Day |

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Iconic Wineries of the East Coast

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Wine & Chocolate Weekend at NJ Wineries

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2016 New Jersey Wine Predictions

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 10 Most Underrated Things About New Jersey

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Historic New Jersey Winery Works to Stay Open

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The New Spirit of Hunterdon may be its Spirits

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Local Winery Starts the Giving Tree Campaign

By SNJ Today | December 1st, 2015 View Video>>

 Terhune Orchards to Build New Winery Production Barn

By | December 1st, 2015 Read More>>

Celebrating the Holiday Season with Spirits

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Making New Jersey a Great Wine State

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Could Hunterdon County be NJ’s Napa Valley?

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September Means Wine Season in South Jersey

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40+ Amazing New Jersey Wineries Worth Visiting

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The Bordeaux of America- Exploring New Jersey’s Outer Coastal Plain

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Hot, Dry Weather Helps Grapes Thrive

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From Barrel to Table: A Unique Wine Tasting at Old York Cellars

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Stretch & Swirl: Traversing the Yoga Wine Trail

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Cheers! N.J. Winemakers Enjoy Surge of Popularity

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The Spirit of Cooperation is Alive & Well in NJ Wine

By Paul Tonacci for LocalWineEvents| June 15th, 2015 Read More>>

 Tomasello Winery Expands for Family’s Future

By The Press of Atlantic City| May 1st, 2015 Read More>>

Cape May County is wine country

By The Press of Atlantic City| May 1st, 2015 Read More>>

Wine Loosens up at Beneduce Vineyards

By The Daily Record | April 28th, 2015 Read More>>

‘Heart of the East’ Wines are NJ’s Answer to the Napa Valley

By Paul Tonacci, Press of Atlantic City | April 22nd, 2015 Read More>>

Dem Lawmakers Introduce Legislation to Promote New Jersey Wine Industry

By PolitickerNJ | April 9th, 2015 Read More>>

Wine Market Flourishes in State Economic Sectors

By The Sentinel | April 9th, 2015 Read More>>

New Jersey Wines for Your Dinner Table

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What Exit is Rhone on the Jersey Turnpike? Unionville Vineyards Does it Again!

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The 15 Best Rhone Wines You’ve Never Tasted

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South Jersey Seeks to Promote Wineries as Tourism Destinations

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Daytrips: Hit New Jersey’s Wine Trails

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Sale of NJ Wine Approved by Elmer Council

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Fox29 Philly’s Quincy Visits Heritage Vineyards

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11 Sustainable U.S. Wineries

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Villa Milagro Vineyards- A Pleasant Surprise

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The Wineries of the Northern Skylands

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Hawk Haven Vineyard Cabernet Franc Paired With Duck Legs and Root Veggies

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Bellview Winery- Terrific Wine

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Heritage Vineyards: Wow! Is There Any Other Way to Say it?

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You Might As Well Buy Wine From New Jersey

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Coda Rossa- Where Wine Geeks Make Great Wine

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Tomasello Winery Expands Along with South Jersey Wine Market

By Press of Atlantic City| January 1st, 2015 Read More>>

Radio Interview with Director John Cifelli

By NJ Buzz| December 21st, 2014 Click the 12/21 program, forward to 20:30 remaining

Cape May Vintners Seek Federal Wine Making Designation

By NJ.Com | December 28th, 2014 Read More>>

A Cape May Christmas: Willow Creek Winery

By WNEP Channel 16 | December 13th, 2014 Read More>>

‘Nothing Good Ever Came From New Jersey:’ Report explores NJ wines’ image problem

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South Jersey Wineries Busy During Holiday Season

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Wildwoods ‘n’ Wine- The Perfect Combination

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New Jersey Grand Harvest Festival: A Fantastic Surprise!

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South Jersey Vineyards Ready to Start Harvest

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New Jersey’s Got Terroir, Celebrates State Wine Week Sept. 19-28

By Rutgers Newsroom | September 23, 2014 Read More>>

Some Businesses in Haddonfield Now Able to Sell Alcohol

By CBS Philadelphia | September 19, 2014 View More>>

“Dry” town Haddonfield not so dry anymore

By Philadelphia Business Journal | September 18, 2014 Read More>>

Celebrating New Jersey Wine Week

By NJTV Online | September 16, 2014 View More>>

Fall Fun: Upcoming New Jersey Wine Events

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Law Allows Small NJ Wineries to Directly Ship Product, Sell at BYOB Restaurants

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Ten Award-winning Wineries Please Discerning Palates

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Cameron Stark- Master Winemaker at Unionville Vineyards Continues to Excel

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Beneduce Vineyards- New Kids on the Block

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Ringoes’ Unionville Vineyards Wines Gain Awards but Seek Respect

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Heritage Estate Reserve BDX 2010- Something Very Special

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Top Vineyards Shine at NJ Wine Competition

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Wine of the Times in New Jersey

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Wine vines get TLC

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Bold Changes Pay Off for Landisville Winery

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Unionville Vineyards honored at the New Jersey Wine and Food Festival

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Three NJ Wines go Gold in Big California Trial

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The World May not Want to Believe it, but Northern NJ is Making Some Great Wines

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What Exit Wines Raises $5,000 for Sandy Relief

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You Might Not Know About These Four Low-profile Grape Havens. Here’s Why You Should

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The Right Grapes in the Right Place

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Hunterdon County Becoming Wine Paradise Amid Statewide Boom

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From Garden State to Vineyard State

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New Jersey Wine Exports Rapidly Climb

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New Jersey Wine

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Bottle Bing: How New Jersey Could Make Itself the New Napa

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George Taber Recreates the Judgement of Princeton, NJ Wines Shock All and Score Big

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At the Judgement of Princeton, New Jersey Wines Prove Competitive

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