Embracing 2023 New Jersey Wine Week with Our Network of Supportive Outlets

The Garden State Wine Growers Association is thrilled to introduce the highly anticipated 2023 New Jersey Wine Week, set to take place from November 13th to 19th. Prepare for an extraordinary week filled with a myriad of engaging events and delightful festivities, spanning the expanse of our beautiful state at our esteemed affiliated vineyards and wineries. Embrace this opportunity to immerse yourself in the rich tapestry of New Jersey’s winemaking culture.

We extend a heartfelt invitation to our esteemed outlet partners, whether you’re operating a BYOB establishment, welcoming all New Jersey wines sourced from local vineyards, or managing a refined restaurant or bar boasting a carefully curated selection of local varietals. It’s our pleasure to celebrate and collaborate with outlets that share our passion for showcasing the diversity and excellence of New Jersey’s winemaking heritage.

We sincerely encourage your participation in promoting the essence of New Jersey Wine Week to your esteemed guests and visitors. Together, let’s raise a collective toast to the unmatched flavors and unwavering spirit that solidify New Jersey as a true powerhouse in the world of viticulture.

Attached below, you will find a promotional flier accessible to display at all BYOBs, outlet partners featuring New Jersey Wine varietals, and supporters of the wine industry! Feel free to tag the Garden State Wine Growers Association on Facebook, Instagram, X (Twitter), and Linkedin so that we can share your content.

The Garden State Wine Growers Association is supported in part by grant funding from the New Jersey Division of Travel & Tourism.

Cheers to New Jersey Wine!

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