The GSWGA is happy to welcome you to myVinotype, which assesses individual taste sensitivities and tolerances, then introduces you to wines that will appeal to your unique, personal combination of sensitivities and values. The Vinotype assessment consists of various questions that help us determine your sensory sensitivities and tolerances combined with questions that determine certain elements you value about wine. The result is your Vinotype – the unique combination of sensitivities and values that comprise your wine personal preferences.

This will help you narrow down the overwhelming number of wine choices you may encounter in stores, on line or on restaurant wine lists and also enable our wine recommendation engine to make smart, personalized wine recommendations for you. Over time we can then connect you to others with similar Vinotypes so that you can see which wines others like you are trying and loving!

Watch this video and let Tim Hanni, Master of Wine, describe the different spectrum of vinotypes

Demand the wines with the flavors and unique features YOU love. Just hit the button below to find out what your vinotype is.

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Tolerant vinotypes

Sensitive vinotypes

Hypersensitive vinotypes

Sweet vinotypes