The NJ Winedown Show takes an inside look at the New Jersey wine industry through in-depth interviews with winemakers, winery owners and journalists covering the state.

The initial broadcasts were all aired on WCTC radio in New Jersey.

Here is a list of shows that can be downloaded.

Jack Tomasello, Tomasello Winery

Sergio and Violetta Neri, Hopewell Valley Vineyard and John Basile, Monroeville Vineyard

Secretary Douglas Fisher, Dept. of Agriculture and Gene Ventimiglia, Ventimiglia Vineyard

Ollie Tomasello, Plagido’s Winery and Robin Shreeve, Courier Post

Janet Giunco and Marie Farrell, 4 JG’s Winery and Al Natali, Natali Vineyards

Lou Caracciolo, Amalthea Cellars and Tara Nurin, NJ Monthly

Kevin Celli, Willow Creek Winery and Devon Perry, Visit South Jersey

Jim Johnson, Summit City Farms and Matty Mattarazzo, Four Sisters Winery

Frank DiMatteo, DiMatteo Vineyards and Mike Curran, South Jersey Wine & Brew Tours

Todd Wuerker, Hawk Haven Vineyard and Devon Perry, Visit South Jersey

Audrey Gambino, Villa Milagro Vineyards and Paul Vigna,

Paul Ritter, Brook Hollow Winery and Nick Opdam, Laurita Winery

Darren DeBlasi, Cecil Creek Farm and John Mahoney

Kevin McCarty, Renault Winery and Paul Tonacci

Mark Hernandez, Autumn Lake Winery and Curt Cumei, NJ Discover TV

Mandi Cassidy, Salem Oak Vineyards, Heather Brown, Wagonhouse Winery and Marsha Gaventa, Cedarvale Winery

Jim Quarella, Bellview Winery and Laurin Dorman, Old York Cellars

Heather Brown, Wagonhouse Winery and David Mullen, NewJerseyUncorked

Dr. Bruce Morrison, Jessie Creek Winery and Dave Barber, Atlantic Seaboard Wine Competition

Anthony Riccio, Cava Winery and Haddonfield Uncorked

Denise Gardner, Penn State University and Michele Thomas,

Paul Tonacci

David Mullen, and Gary Mount, Terhune Orchards